The little things

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. – William James

Every little bits helps. I’ve heard this alot. It is true to an extent. If you are trying to loose weight or save some money, every little victory adds up to meeting the end goal.

I’ve recently started to implement this mentality into my life and goals. I’m getting rid of debt, and the easiest way is to not buy on credit. By not buying on the one account, I have seen the teeniest bit of slack on the repay amount. It is almost impossible to live without debt in this age, but I will darn well try to have an actual salary at the end of the month and not just what’s left after the debit orders has had it’s way with it. There is things like cars and homeloans that will always take time to repay (even thou they add an obscene amount of interest). My car currently only has 11 repayments left! I cannot wait to finally be done with the repayments.

I have also been doing excercises at night, because I believe that those 10 minutes will make a difference in the long run. I am not too rushed to have a bikini body, I just want to be a healthy weight. I am not overweight currently, but could do with a little less. I am also choosing healthier options and slightly smaller portions. Every little bit does help! Plus I feel better trying to improve my body. I have to take this thing with me till I die!

Finally, I have been more active online. I have a tiny bit of followers on twitter and hardly any Youtube subscribers, but I am trying. I would eventually like to move onto Blogging about restaurants and products. Like I have said before, this is my year! I will be bettering (or trying to) myself and just putting myself out there. I cannot complain about my current life if I do not try to improve it in any way.

A positive attitude walks hand in hand with this mentality. Always stay positive (this is such a cliche). Nobody can better you, but yourself.

Mona – Positive about the little things



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