Animal children

Are you one of those people who consider their pets to be their children? I am. I have two dogs who I love to bits. The one is a Jack Russel named Odie and the other one is a rescue pup whose breed we are unsure of. His name is Loki, and yes, he is mischievous as all hell.

We’ve had Odie for two and a half years now. Everybody warned us that Jack Russels are the naughtiest dogs, but I must say, Odie is extremely well behaved. He does not chew anything that may lay around. He doesn’t bark constantly or even whine for food. Now Loki on the other hand, he must have had quite a tough time on the street before we found him as he is crazy about food. He guards the bowl and gulps down his food in seconds. We have gotten him to be a bit calmer by now. Loki’s story is as follows.

New years eve 2014. Right before Dylan was leaving work, his parents, giving him a lift home saw two little animals trying to cross the street (Dylan’s office is in the industrial area). They stopped for them and saw it was two little puppies that was only a few weeks old. They were extremely weak and ill looking. They picked them up and searched the area for a mother dog or any other puppies, they did not find any. It was then a drive around from vet to vet to find any open, as it was late afternoon on new years eve. They eventually found a open vet, but the vet refused to take in the puppies over the weekend as they might have cat fever and could make the other animals ill. They just gave some medicine and advice and were told to look after them themselves over the weekend and bring them back on the Monday. Dylan and I volunteered for this. Odie was taken to his parents, in case the puppies did have cat fever.

It was a long night of rehydrating them and looking after them, but the male puppy (Loki) was looking a lot better and was up and playing and wagging his tail like a puppy should. His tiny little sister on the other hand was not looking better. Another night passed and she still did not improve. She was bearly breathing on Monday when we took her into the PDSA to put her to sleep. That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I was in hysterics the whole morning. In just a few days that little puppy crawled into my heart. Loki was given a full bill of health.

We were lucky to save Loki, and could not imagine giving him up for adoption. We decided to keep him. At first Odie was not too happy as he had to share the attention, but things got better. Now they are thick as thieves, sleeping next to each other as I’m typing this.

I’m a animal lover. These too mutts are my children. Some people think it’s weird, but animals are good “starter kids”. You feed them and take care of them almost like you would for a child.

I can’t imagine my life without them. They make me smile with all their antics. I love our little family.

Mona – mother of two doggies20150224_195115



  1. Oh, how gorgeous! We had a beautiful dog and cat who were best friends. I posted a blog this week called “George. Not just a dog”, and I talk about him being my little boy. I lost my little man a few months ago, and in the post, I finally was able to deal with my emotions. My cat misses him as much as we do. Thanks for the lovely post.


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