Decluttering and Winter

You know they call it “spring cleaning”? Well, I enjoy getting rid of junk right before it gets cold. I was having one of those “I have to be productive today” moods and get into the cupboards. Ofcourse I always feel sad getting rid of old clothes. Is it just me? It’s like an old friend that knows you. It’s been strecthed out to just the right size, but too faded and old looking to be worn out in public. Sure you can keep it as lounge wear for the house, but how many outfits can you have to lounge in?

I have an obsession with jerseys (that’s a jumper or sweater for you other countries). I have it in about every colour. I have some that button up in the same colour as those that doesn’t, coz, you know, you just can’t have enough. Sadly thou, you CAN have too many. My closet is currently not very organized, the pile that is suppose to be shorts and skirts are now just a jumble of t-shirts and jerseys. Every trip to the shops I just have to look at the jersey available. I’m also a sucker for cute designs. How can you say no to a cute bunny picture?

I digress. The clothing cupboard is not the main issue in the “junk” problem. Everybody has a “man drawer” as Michael McIntyre puts it.

You can look at the bit here

I have tried getting rid of the things in here, it is currently filled with batteries, 3D glasses (incase we want to go to the movies, but don’t want to fork out the R7.50 for a new pair) and warranty papers. I have made the slightest dent in the junk over the weekend and will revisit this drawer a few times till I have it down to the essentials. There is hope!

Then there is the stuff that is slightly valuable and you think you can sell it online for some spare cash to buy more items for your home. Good idea on the selling and making more space, but don’t spend the money. Save it for a backup fund or holiday. This year, I want to invest in experiences and not things. My Botswana trip has shown me that it is totally worth it!

On a side note, winter is totally coming! I am even wearing bedsocks to bed. I am so happy it does not snow here, I will die of the cold!

Mona – trying to give good advice


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