Inexperienced Gamer: Overcooked

It’s been a while since I wrote a game review. I have been keeping myself busy with small indie games. This little multiplayer was a stress inducing, but ultimately fun game.



Inexperienced Gamer: Broken Age

After my recent post, Being a wife of a Gamer received so many views, I thought I would start doing gamer related post. I am by no means a “gamer girl”, but I will be reviewing games that I have played that I think anybody can easily enjoy. I have started playing Broken Age this past weekend. It was free on the PSN, and the pretty 2D visuals made me decide to give it a bash. (more…)

Being a Wife of a Gamer

Alpha! Charlie! Charlie! Who killed an ad?? These are normal phrases I hear shouted in my living room at 1 in the morning. It’s part of being a wife of gamer. My husband plays Destiny on the Playstation 4 religiously. This is a multi player online game, meaning that there is no quiet time. I always go to bed alone and get woken up at 2 am by a shuffling husband trying to get under the covers. I sometimes get woken up with shouts of excitement at some random event being completed. I am also an outsider to jokes and conversations as I only hear one side with him wearing headphones. (more…)