Facts about Odie

Odie is my Jack Russel dog. He is the eldest of the two dogs, turning 5 later this year. We brought Odie home way back in 2012 when he was just a tiny puppy. Here is some fun facts about him. Thanks to Kerri for this idea. You can read up on some facts about Sir Pork chop, her hamster on her blog.



Animal children

Are you one of those people who consider their pets to be their children? I am. I have two dogs who I love to bits. The one is a Jack Russel named Odie and the other one is a rescue pup whose breed we are unsure of. His name is Loki, and yes, he is mischievous as all hell.

We’ve had Odie for two and a half years now. Everybody warned us that Jack Russels are the naughtiest dogs, (more…)