Okay, bear with me. This might be a weird post. I’ve been having some thoughts on mirrors lately. (more…)


Going greener

This past black Friday, I decided to take the plunge and buy some products on the site I have been eyeing, Faithful to Nature. This post is to share my mini haul and thoughts on the products I have started using. (more…)

You smell amazing!

Today I thought I would try my hand at a different kind of post. I’ve mainly been doing book reviews and some random posts with my thoughts on things. I want to start blogging about fashion and/or beauty. Here is my first beauty related post.

I want to share my perfume collection with you. I only have three scents I’m currently loving. I tend to go for the lighter sweeter scents. (more…)

My wedding experience

I thought I should share some thoughts on weddings as a newly married woman. In general I have bad luck and I thought my wedding would be one big parade of things going wrong. Luckily for me my hubby’s good luck balanced it out and we had quite an awesome day! Even the rain held off till after the ceremony was over.

Now I don’t have any sage advice on weddings, but I did realize that you just shouldn’t sweat the little things. People in general don’t even notice. You spend 5 emails back and forth with the graphic designer to get just the right colours, only to find your guests left most of the stationary right at the table. So much for being sentimental, right?

Your wedding should really just be about you (and your hubby) getting what you want , not anybody else.

He wanted elements of gaming in a tea party themed wedding. Seemed impossible, but in the end we played Final Fantasy theme music while the guests were arriving. It always seems that it’s just one big girly do and the man just shows up, so I was happy there was an element of him in it too. Weddings shouldn’t be so complicated. Decide on what you want and just go with it. Some things go wrong and that’s OK. There will always be some drama at a wedding. The day will not be ruined!  My bridesmaid ditched me two weeks before the wedding and I had an uneven precession, but it still turned out perfect!

All in all, just remember to enjoy the day! And don’t run down the isle like I did, enjoy the moment.

Mona – the newlywed