8 things in 2018

I touched upon this with my 2017 recap, but here is a more goal specific list for my 2018 goals.

Less time looking at a screen. 

My full time job is to data capture. My part time job is to data capture. Lazy-ing around means watching Youtube or Netflix. I want to dedicate some time not looking at a screen. Even if it’s just a solid hour a week. I’ve successfully deleted Facebook off my phone last year, and that already helped with checking my phone less.

Eat more fruit

By this I mean eating a bigger variety of fruit. I don’t eat that much fruit to begin with. We sometimes get bananas or apples for the house. I’ve already started of this goal by buying some oranges. I’ve already eaten more oranges in the past few days than I have in the past 3 years combined. I think it’s the pips in the fruit that puts me off, but there is plenty without that I haven’t had yet.

Expand my knowledge

Mentioning all the screen time I have, I want to watch more educational content. I enjoy documentaries, feel free to share your favourite with me in the comments. I’ve also been thinking of taking a short course in animal behaviour. You can enroll at any time, so I won’t be tied down to normal semester times.

No spend

This year I want to attempt a no spend month, the main focus being clothing. At the very least, I do not want to buy clothes from a “regular” shop. If I am going to buy clothes it will be from a secondhand shop. I wasn’t really a big shopper, but this will be a fun challenge. This obviously doesn’t include underwear or clothing for the husband.

Cook more

We eat out a fair amount. After a long day at work who wants to prepare dinner too? We have decided to challenge ourselves with eating a new ingredient once a week. While there is only so many new things we haven’t made yet, we want to prepare the same ingredients in a new way. Pinterest has endless new recipes to try. If we can find some quick and easy recipes we might buy less take out.

Couple activities

My husband and I don’t really have a hobby we can practice together. He loves gaming and we sometimes play together, but I’m not really good at it. We were looking into dancing classes. My husband can dance, but I have two left feet. This will be a fun activity, and good exercise. If we can’t commit to dance classes, we should just go walking around the neighbourhood and chat. We’ve done that before and it’s relaxing and good to catch up.


Travelling is one of our dreams. Japan is number one on our list. Thailand has recently crept up on that list too. We looked into it and saw that it is quite a bit more affordable than Japan. I think it’s one of the few places whose currency is weaker than ours. If finances doesn’t allow us an overseas trip, I want to have a local holiday in a different province. We tend to hibernate most of our weekends away, I want to get out on more little adventures this year. Even if it’s just a drive down to the beach.


I have no idea in what form this will be. I want to do something new and exciting this year. Trying out something brand new or seeing something for the first time. I just want to experience something that ups my heartbeat this year.

Mona – bring on 2018


**title image from Tumblr


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