Gold Reef City

After getting a good deal on flights to Johannesburg, I knew I wanted to go visit Gold reef city. A theme park build on a old gold mine. With adrenaline rides such as; The Tower of Terror (aptly named), Anaconda and Golden loop to name a few.

We got up early on Saturday morning to avoid the lines and got a quick Mcdonalds breakfast to fuel us. We were greeted by friendly entertainers, who literally dances all day long. We bought the thrill ride pass to get on all the rides.

After heading in and with our breakfast barely settled, we went on the Golden loop.  I don’t own a Gopro, but here is a Youtube video so you can understand how quickly it goes.

From 0 – 83km per hour in 3 seconds the board proudly states. I just know I screamed like a crazy person. I was a bit shaky getting off the ride. At the end of the day the husband went on again and said it’s not so bad the second time.

Next up we went to the Tower of Terror. I didn’t actually take the time to look at the ride before hopping on, or I might have changed my mind. I have a video of me, that tells it all.

From here I won’t mention every ride we went on, but rather the ones that stood out for me.

Feeling adventurous the husband went on a ride called UFO. He thought you just spun around, like in the movie Candy. You not only spin, but the wheel moves up to spin vertically. I was happy to skip this one.

We went on the ride right next to it, called Dreamboat. You sway from side to side, until you swing close to 180 degrees. Being strapped down in a caged boat and looking up to see the ground, is kind of scary.

After all the screaming and adrenaline, we thought it was time for lunch. Knowing we were going on more rides, we went for something light. While eating the performers passed us again, dancing and just being jolly. I have no idea where they get the energy to be this pumped up all day long.

We had a slight queue for Runaway train. The ride was fun. Fast enough for you to whoo but not be scared in the slightest. You spiral down a track and go through ups and downs to still give you some thrills.

My last ride of the day was Anaconda. I knew I wanted to go on this one from the get-go. I went on the equivalent ride, Cobra, at Ratanga Junction many years ago. This line was the longest. We waited about 30 minutes. In this time I was starting to doubt if I wanted to go on the ride, hearing people scream all the time. We were finally up next, and I saw two little kids hop off the ride. I then realized I was just being a big wussy and got on. It was definitely a fun ride. I whoo-ed so much my mouth was dry by the end of it.

We spend the whole day at the park, not just because we were having so much fun, but my friend also lost his phone way back on the Tower of Terror and we had to wait till closing time to go look for it. Miraculously it survived the fall with only a cracked screen.

I had lots of fun and I’m really happy that I was able to go. We were really tired after a full day of adrenaline and walking (10 000 steps achieved) and went to bed early for our flight back the next morning.

Other rides we went on:

  • Giant Wheel
  • 4D cinema
  • Jozi express
  • Lazy boat
  • Log ride

Mona – thrill seeker, apparently



  1. This is so cool, I love theme parks and rollercoasters! The first one, the Golden Loop. looked amazing. Those are my favourite kinds of coasters, I love it when you get lots of loops! I still need to work my way up to the higher, scarier ones though! Glad you had fun. – Tasha


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