Blue crane hoodie

My Blue Crane hoodie arrived last week, just in time for our mini holiday. Being out and about was the perfect time to put this multi pocketed bad boy to the test.


I had to wait till the evening to open up the package as it was delivered to the husband’s office. Ordering clothes online is always a tad stressful for me. I never know if it will fit right or be good quality. Opening up the package I was not disappointed. The material felt like good quality and the woolie material in the front pockets and hood part was super soft. It felt like such a high quality product.

It was time to try it on and hope it fits perfectly. Returning online things is such a hassle. Luckily for me it fit like a glove. Measurements are given on the site, but you never know. Checking myself out in the mirror I was really happy with the way it looks.

Next was checking all the features it came with. Multiple pockets for all gadgets, including a liquid proof pocket, microfiber cloth stitched into the inside of one and the ability to be folded into a sling bag. Yes, the Houdini of hoodies has arrived.

I really love all the pockets. It’s easy to stash your cash and cards in the sleeve pocket and go without a handbag. Which was a good thing since we were heading off to a theme park. I kept my phone in the inner zipped pocket, save from dropping out while on all the crazy rides. The longer sleeves with thumb holes help kept the cold air at bay heading out early in the mornings.

I am really impressed with my hoodie. It’s warm and super convenient with lots of storage. The husband is really jealous and planning on ordering his own one soon.

If you’re not one for all the extra pockets and things, but still like to have some extra pockets, keep your eyes peeled for the lighter version coming out soon. Order your original hoodie from here.

Mona – pockets for days


One comment

  1. Ahhh, I love it! I really like it when companies come up with something practical and cool, especially for being outdoors and reducing what you carry around with you, especially when you can zip things away and they stay nice and safe while outside thrill seeking too. Love it, and I’m glad it felt so comfy too. – Tasha


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