May 2017

I have been very quiet on here. My monthly round up is a bit late, but here goes. May is my favourite month. It’s my birthday as well as the month I met my husband and started working at my current job.

I turned 28 on May the 9th. I’m a little sad to be nearing the end of my 20’s. Soon I will be proper middle age, even though I still feel like a teenager most days. We started off the month doing Escape the room for my birthday.

After Escaping the room, we headed over to my friend’s house for a braai. She started a candy floss business, and bought an industrial machine. We had fun after dinner spinning our own candy floss. She has some unique flavours, such as Butterscotch, Mint and Coffee.

Dylan also ordered me this amazing Blue crane hoodie, it was an Indie Go Go funding project. I cannot wait for it to arrive. It will be perfect for our upcoming holiday. I will also be doing a blogpost on it after testing it out for a bit.

Once a year one of our local airlines has a promoting with super cheap flights. So cheap that it’s the equivalent price of a 2L milk for return local flights. I was one of the lucky 15 000 to nab some flights for end of June! I was literally jumping around the office with joy. We shall be visiting friends and enjoy being tourists in their home town. I’m looking forward to going to Gold Reef City, an amusement park they have.

Lastly, winter has arrived our side. My feet are ice blocks at  night. I look forward to my warm bed and doggy cuddles every night. I might also enjoy a hot chocolate with tiny marshmellows to warm me up.


Mona – May is the best month





  1. I love your monthly round-up posts, they always make me smile! So glad you had a good birthday and the escape the room day still sounds like so much fun to me, I love it, I will definitely have to try and do one at some point! I was intrigued by the hoodie too so I went and had a look and it’s genius! I love the fact you can use it as a bag as well, as when you’re out and about, sometimes the last thing you want to do is carry a heavy bag so I love it! Also the final shot of the hot chocolate looks so good! – Tasha


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