Escape the room

I’m into puzzles and brain teasers and my husband enjoys video games, what would be the perfect activity for us? An Escape Game challenge!

Our town finally got one of these setup, and right down the road from us as well. I first heard about it during Easter weekend on Facebook and immediately decided that is what I want to do for my birthday. We rounded up three other people as it’s better / more fun in groups.

For those of you who don’t know what it’s about, you get locked into a room with the objective of getting out in less than 60 minutes by solving puzzles. The puzzles follow on each other. The rooms has themes and are fully decorated to fit that theme. We were locked into a Hotel room theme last night with the back story of we’re looking for our missing writer friend. You receive tips from an intercom and you’re allowed one 911 call which summons the creator to help you with something.

The puzzles range in difficulty from finding the right key in a bunch of 15, to getting a code for a cryptex hidden inside a vault locked by another dial padlock. You even have to decipher a morse code.

We had loads of fun. We thought we would get out easily as we enjoy puzzles, but only managed to make it out in the nick of time. Had we not escaped the room I would definitely have a try again.

We cannot wait for the second room to be finished so we can have a go again. The next room’s theme is Nikola Tesla. I can image more science based puzzled to follow. If you are in the George area I highly recommend the first room for an hour of adrenaline fueled puzzle solving.

Mona – Escaped!

**Image courtesy of Facebook




  1. Ahhh, this is so cool! I’ve seen these mentioned on the internet and I love a good brain teaser game, so to be able to now do these in person sounds brilliant. Will definitely have to see if there are any local to me and have a go! Love the fact it was hotel themed, with some deciphering of morse code involved too! – Tasha

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