Inexperienced Gamer: Overcooked

It’s been a while since I wrote a game review. I have been keeping myself busy with small indie games. This little multiplayer was a stress inducing, but ultimately fun game.

The premise is simple. You work as a chef in a restaurant, making easy 3-4 step meals. The meals vary slightly, with some preparations taking longer than others. Your goal is to make as many of the meals in the given time limit.  Your awarded 1-3 starts at the end of the level, your aim being 3. As a team, one person can chop and the other do dishes (yes, you have to do that too).

As you progress more items get added to you repertoire. The difficulty in this game comes with the levels layout. Some setups move after a certain amount of time, which means you can’t get to the oven while the timer ticks by. Your food can start a fire, if you don’t get if off the stove when it’s ready. Which is quite nerve racking when the kitchen setup keeps changing and moving.


Some levels aren’t solid land, which means you can fall off the map and wait a few seconds to respawn. The level on ice was particularly infuriating. You think you’ve finished a meal and then you slip off the map and have to start all over again.


While this game can make you really angry and make you jump off the couch to just get that last damn order in, I really enjoyed it. Me and the husband played it a few times, but have laid off it for a while since tempers run high during the difficult later levels. I have attempted playing by myself, but controlling two chefs back and forth is no easy feat, but not impossible.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, I’d recommend a few levels of this game with a partner or friends. It’s good to know that you can work as a team for an end goal. I played it on the PS4, but it is available on Steam.

Mona – not a chef



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  1. Awww, this looks and sounds so cute! I love these types of level games where you have to complete tasks, like making dishes here, I could easily spend hours on this and the gameplay looks fun too. Will definitely have to check this out, maybe it’ll help improve my own cooking skills! 😛 – Tasha

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