March Things

I cannot believe the third month is already over. Were fast heading into winter and I feel my hibernation mode kicking in.

My husband made me feel very special and randomly had flowers delivered to my office. I was quite surprised, but super impressed with him.


We’ve been more social lately and gone to friends over the weekend. As adults it’s quite difficult to find friends. Especially if  you don’t go out often. For the most part, were happy just hanging out by ourselves, but every now and then we want to social in a group.

My previously mentioned friend, borrowed me her Dean Koontz book, Velocity. I am quite enjoying it. I didn’t think murder mystery would be my kind of thing. I’m about halfway done and still can’t figure out who the murderer is. I enjoy his style of writing and maybe read more of his books.

The weather is definitely changing and the sun is hardly up by the time my alarm goes off. This makes getting out of bed not a fun task. I tend to literally hibernate when it gets cold. I go to bed early and sleep on weekend. I don’t handle cold weather well. On the plus side, I love scarves, boots and jackets.

I’m going to end off this post with a confession of my latest addiction. A mobile game called Gardenscapes. Much like Candy Crush, you match three and get points / clear an area etc. You get awarded stars, which you then use to fix up the overgrown garden, bit by bit. Didn’t think I would be this addicted to a silly little game, but I’m enjoying seeing the garden all fixed up. I am weird like that. I would totally play a post apocalyptic game where you just go around and fix up houses and clean things. Is there something like that out there?

Mona – Gardenscaping



  1. I can’t believe we’re in April already either, this year is already going by so quickly! The flowers your husband got you are just lovely, how sweet. I love getting flowers, especially when it’s a surprise like that, they just brighten up a place immediately. The book your friend let you borrow sounds really interesting too! I’m so glad the weather is warming up here too and that game you mentioned sounds so relaxing. I completely agree, I love relaxing with games like that, there’s something therapeutic about it! I used to love one on Facebook called Here Be Monsters but it’s been pulled off of the site! – Tasha


  2. What gorgeous flowers!
    The game sounds fun! I’m addicted to a ‘dress up’ game haha, where you have to put outfits together based on briefs and requirements.. I can pretend that I’m a fashionista :D!


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