We’ve all heard of FOMO, fear of missing out, but have you heard of GOMO?

GOMO is taking action and; Going out more often. Simply put, it’s your bucket list in action. I’ve been inspired by the cool website, Eventbrite to share my 2017 bucket list with you. Here are my top 5 things I want to do this year.

Nighttime run of the Strawberry Maze


Being one of the largest hedge mazes in the southern hemisphere, it’s a must do. Add the element of darkness and you have a memorable experience. Once a year they host the nighttime run. I am hoping to complete it this year. From their website – “The maze consists of seven strawberry stations, a 25m underground tunnel and a look-out point to be found within 10,000m of pathways. The hedges are grown from over 30,000 Syzygium Paniculatum plants”.

Going up in a train


Train trips is not an everyday experience for us, that is why I want to take the little power van up the mountain to the picnic spot overlooking the entire town. I have taken this trip many years ago and enjoyed it. I now want to share this experience with my husband.

Shooting at a gun range


I have never held a real gun. I think it will be a new life experience shooting and getting educated on gun safety. I enjoyed archery last year, and this would be the next step. As a little disclaimer, I am 100% against hunting for fun and wont be shooting at anything alive.

Cango Caves tour


This natural beauty is one town over. I want to make a day of it and visit Oudtshoorn. Formed naturally over many years and being quite a big tourist attraction, I need to see this. The guides show you from cavern to cavern and tell  you the history of each one. There is a final bit on the tour for the slim bodied adventure type, where they lead you through extremely low and small spaces.

See an event live


Lastly I want to see somebody perform live. If Twenty one pilots come to South Africa I will most definitely see them. Until then, I will make do with local acts, this is where Eventbrite can help. It’s an easy to navigate website where I simply input my town and dates and it shows me what is happening at that time. You can make your own event and promote and track it using this website. Check it out.

Mona – GOMO in 2017




  1. This is so cool and I love that it’s an active list that you can work towards, as I always say I’ll do things and never do, bu I managed to tick one of the things off my list for 2017 this year which was to go to my friends’ wedding which made me happy, so posts like these are great for motivation! I love the one about the Cango Caves Tour and the nighttime run through the maze, they both sound like just the kind of thing I’d like to do! – Tasha


      1. That’s so cool, I hope you enjoy it, it sounds amazing! I’m working on ticking off some more of my list. At the beginning of each year now, I write a little list of what I really want to do throughout the year ahead and try and tick them off as the months go by and it’s fun to tick those things off!


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