Lately I’ve been feeling tomboy-ish. I always wear jeans and flat shoes with no make-up. Watching vloggers and seeing how stylish they are made me envious. I thought I would update my appearance with some more feminine pieces.

First up was the wardrobe.

I went onto Pinterest to visualize what kind of wardrobe I want. I didn’t want once off pretty pieces, but rather quality items that is appropriate for work as well as weekends. The capsule wardrobe interested me. Getting staple items to mix and match over seasons is a good idea. I picked up these two items. I was lucky to find them both marked down, which is always a good thing. A sweatshirt with collar detail and a black mini corduroy skirt.

Let's go sweatshirt

black corduroy mini

Onto shoes. I also bought a pair of ankle boots. My current pair are quite old and a bit worse for wear. I want to find a nice pair of heels, that isn’t too pricey. Since I hardly wear heels , but have found myself wishing I had a comfortable pair on the off occasion. I currently own one pair, which I will donate since I probably wore it all of 5 times in the last 10 years. They are just not comfy.


Make up is up next. My morning make up routine includes washing my face and putting on eyeliner, then I’m good to go. Lately I have found myself adding eye shadows and mascara just for that extra little bit of colour. To be honest, I am clueless at make up. I have tried that darn winged eyeliner a few times without success. I want to get an everyday routine with easy make up application. Something I can do half asleep and still look good. Any tips, Youtube recommendations are welcome.

make up.jpg

Lastly is my hairstyle. Again, I am pretty lazy. I run a comb through my hair and stick a bobby pin on the side and presto I’m done. Since my hair isn’t growing fast, I currently still don’t have much to work with since December’s hairdresser blunder. I want to have my hair back in a bit of a shaggy bob, in order for me to actually be able to put it up or wear cute pins. I enjoyed a bit of a auburn shine in my hair, and will apply some dye to just have something to be happy about when it comes to my hair in the meantime.

Hopefully working on these things, when I look back at this post in a years time I can say my style has improved. I’m also hoping to have a cupboard full of quality items that can be mixed and matched and work well together.

Just wanted to end on a little disclaimer. I don’t think dressing like a tomboy is wrong. Wearing comfy clothes is awesome, even if it isn’t “girly”. I just want to find a good balance and dress more like an adult working in an office, than a teenage girl.

Mona – *under construction




  1. Pinterest is so useful for finding new outfit ideas, I lose hours on that website just looking through for different style combinations. I love those ankle boots you got too, I definitely need to get a pair myself for when the weather is cooler as I wore through my last pair of boots so I’m in need of a new pair! Love that detailing on the collar of that top too, that’s so cool. – Tasha


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