February things

The short month of the year has flown by. It was a good month even if some bad luck struck our office.

February is best known for Valentines. We don’t do big gestures every year, but do try to make each other feel special. We made a reservation at our favourite restaurant, Kafe Serefe. We had our first date at this restaurant and the food is amazing. I have written about them before, which you can readย here.

We decided to build a fort this month. It was really cozy to watch television in. We watched the entire first season of Santa Clarita Diet, a new Netflix series. I also did a post on that, which you can read here.

Some bad luck struck our office. A municipal water pipe burst over the weekend and completely flooded our ground floor office. We tried to dry if up with constant fans going, but it soaked through to the cement. After four days the building management finally agreed to lift the carpets and replace them. I was told to go home and had some extra free days off. Our office now looks updated with some new cupboards and a new large mirror. We even had it painted a new colour too.

In the land of tv and Youtube, I started watching Lily Pebbles’ vlogs. She puts all her vlogs into a playlist, so it can just all autoplay without me lifting a finger. I enjoy finding new channels with loads of videos that can keep you busy for weeks catching up on it all. We also watched the complete first season of Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix. It’s and intense obstacle course for the super fit. There were different countries competing against each other to take the title home. These humans are amazing. I always feel like such a lazy slob when I see the things these people can do.

Although it was a short month, it was quite eventful. How was your February?

Mona – feels like I’m working in a new office





  1. Ah no, sorry to hear the water pipe burst and flooded the office, although at least it lead to some extra days off work and a new look in the office, so it sounds like it turned itself around. I like it when a bit of trouble has a silver lining to it, so that’s good! I’ve heard lots of good things about Santa Clarita Diet so I’ll have to watch it when I can and I loved your post on your fort, it’s such a great idea! Hopefully March is free of any more office related disasters and is just as fun! – Tasha


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