Facts about Odie

Odie is my Jack Russel dog. He is the eldest of the two dogs, turning 5 later this year. We brought Odie home way back in 2012 when he was just a tiny puppy. Here is some fun facts about him. Thanks to Kerri for this idea. You can read up on some facts about Sir Pork chop, her hamster on her blog.


He was born without a tail, which instantly made him stand out from the rest of the puppies.

His ears are flipped back 90% of the time, making him look like a mouse

He loves chicken flavour pellets. If you buy a different flavour he eats it like a child eating vegetables.

He refuses to go near cables. He will walk under the table to avoid having to jump over one that might be laying on the floor.


He cannot stand animals on the television and who could blame him. It’s his house, what are they doing here? I did a little Youtube video on him reacting, which you can watch here.

He weighs about 10kg, which we thought was big, until Loki came along. I can easily carry Odie around in one arm.


We lived above a pub when we got Odie. Dylan would walk around with Odie without a leash and he would greet all the pub goers. The chef always snuck him some salami, and that is why he always went to greet him first.


Odie was almost named Dexter. Not because of any TV shows, I just liked the name, but Odie won in the end.

Before Loki came along, Odie would leave his toys in front of the outside gate to guard the house at night.


Now you know my little Poopiepants a bit better, feel free to tell me about your pets in the comments.

Mona – Odie’s mom



  1. Oh I love this! I had no idea he and Baker were the same age! Baker will be 5 on the 26th of August πŸ™‚ The cable thing is so interesting! Baker is always extra careful with them but he’s not scared, for a change as he’s scared of most things!



  2. Oh this is just adorable, what a lovely post! Odie is definitely a cutie and character. The one about him leaving his toys outside to guard the house was my favourite fact – too cute! – Tasha


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