Building a Fort

Remember when we were kids we use to build little forts with blankets and pillows? Well, why can’t we still do it as adults? The husband and I decided to do just that, and build a nice little fort this weekend.

It was a rainy dreary weekend, what perfect time to get cozy. We started off by moving all the couches and doing a quick vacuum. Since we wanted to be really comfy, we dragged the mattress out to the living room. We moved the couches next to it to drape the covers over. We struggled a bit to get the right cover to stay up and not just sag down. A duvet cover minus the duvet, worked best.


Our fort was basically complete. I just added some fairy lights to make it all whimsical on the inside and dumped some pillows down. We nipped down to the shops for some marshmallows and hot chocolate to relax to the max. There was thunder in the air and it felt so nice laying in a little protective fort.


Odie really enjoyed the fort and jumped right in. Loki on the other hand was confused as to why we moved the bed and put a blanket in the air. In the end he also climbed in.

The fort was perfectly aligned with the television, and we pretty much hibernated for the rest of the weekend. We put the new Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet on, and without even trying to, finished the whole season one. It was OK, not to sure if Drew Barrymore was the right person for the lead. It was funny enough to not let us reach for the remote to change.

We only took down the fort Sunday night, but will build one again real soon. When last have you build a fort?

Mona – I’m an adult, I swear



  1. This is a great idea and I love how your fort turned out! I definitely recommend doing this well into adulthood. Who says we need to stop having fun?! πŸ˜€ I think the last time I did this I was about 21, back at university, so I am definitely overdue for another fort building session! Love it. Put a smile on my face today. – Tasha


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