January things

The first month of the year. Also the month you don’t realize you’re in, until it is almost over. I was on holiday for half of January, mentally preparing to face a full day of work again.

It only takes 21 days to form a habit. Not waking up to go to work for that long makes you really lazy to get back into things. I am lucky to have bosses that believe you don’t start work again on a Monday, but only on a Wednesday. It helps to slowly get us back into routine. The amount of work to catch up on also makes the days go pretty quick.

We had so much cake at the office for those first days. We started the very first day with a client welcoming us back with chocolate cake, then another two birthdays, in the days following. If you made a resolution to be healthy this year, that was put on hold till February.

I want to have more little adventures, or just get out more, this year. Dylan and I went to the farmers market one Saturday. We had such delicious donuts. We also bought a little rosemary plant for the kitchen. I shared some pictures over on my Instagram, feel free to follow me there 🙂


We also went to the mall one night to have a coffee and cake, thinking we could window shop afterwards. We were surprised to see the food court gets closed off now. Somebody must have done something bad for them to stop us window shopping.It was always open till very late. It’s sad that you can’t really walk outside at night time anymore, not even in shopping centers.

I made this short video of Odie reacting to animals on TV. Danielle (Underland to Wonderland) asked me a while ago when I told her he jumps onto the table to bark. It’s quite funny how he thinks these animals are in the house. He sometimes checks the back of the laptop to make sure they aren’t there.

During the last week of my holiday, I watched a documentary called Minimalism. It was interesting to see how much people spend on more storage for their things. I will never be a full on minimalist who only owns 100 things, but I like to aspire to only have things I love and use. I’ve never really been one to buy on trends things, but it did happen occasionally. Now I try to just buy what I like and that is comfy for me. What interesting documentaries have you watched?

Mona – it’s almost Valentines!



  1. January is one of those funny months isn’t it? It always takes a little while for me to get going in the first month of the year, so I feel you! Though being welcomed back into work with cake sounds pretty great! The Minimalism documentary sounds really interesting too, that’s my current obsession on YouTube, minimalism and zero waste videos. I’m like you, I don’t think I’ll ever own less than 100 things, but I like to try and downsize what I do have! – Tasha


  2. Oh look at Odie! What a cutie. Whenever Danielle and I are chatting on the webcam, Baker is always trying to find the source of the noise – he always thinks I am behind the laptop haha!


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