December things

The best time of the year! The mood lifts and there is holidays and food, what’s not to like?

Our offices closed a little later than usual but it felt like a mad rush to get everything done in time. Thankfully we did. We ended off the year with a little breakfast at a restaurant and exchanging our secret santa gifts. After that, I was free for three weeks! I always love the rush of excitement on that last day.

Christmas rolled around a few days later. Dylan and I don’t buy each other gifts, but we are thinking of changing that next year. Make our own traditions. Christmas eve was spend watching movies, and relaxing. I made a little tree to feel slightly festive. Christmas was spend with my parents having a lunch outdoors. I am hoping to have a snowy Christmas one day.

Dylan was also on leave for a few days, so we got to spend time together those odd days between Christmas and New years. We bought a new bookcase! Dylan did assemble it, vowing to never buy anything that he has to assemble again. Many screws and cursing later, our new shelf was up and standing in the room. We could finally get the books out of storage and display them. Being on a minimalist trip, we decided to get rid off all single books that we would not read again. Currently the bookcase holds the Harry Potter books as well as the Sword of truth series (which has so many books!). We also started collecting Funko Pops (I did an unboxing video), which will be displayed there.

With very hot days and town being too busy with holiday goers, we stayed home under the fan. I did my usual December cleaning. Getting all the odd jobs done. Also selling little things while declutter. It feels so good!

New Years was also just us, at home. People let off fireworks close by, and I don’t like leaving our dogs alone. To be honest, they didn’t seem to fussed, which I am happy about. New Years eve is the two year mark since Loki came into our lives.(You can read his story here, it is sad though) He has been a little menace, but he is so cute that you can’t help but forgive him. I am just always amazed at how big that little puppy became.


How was your Christmas and New years? My dream is to spend new years eve in New York.

Mona – holiday mode engaged



  1. I love that sense of excitement on the last day of work too, it always fills me with a lot of energy for getting things done in the week ahead, especially with the knowledge that Christmas is around the corner. Sounds like you had a lovely, relaxed month. I love Funko Pops, and I’ve had my eye on a couple for months now, so when I can I should really treat myself. Also, how adorable is Loki in those photos?! So cute! Happy New Year! – Tasha


  2. Sounds like a nice relaxing Christmas and New Year, just what I like 🙂

    Kris and I don’t do gifts either, we usually just do something together, or whatever we fancy. For gifts, we buy ourselves something instead haha.


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