Project 365

I have fallen way behind with this project, partly due to being busy at work and just not having anything interesting to take a photo of. I have missed  a lot of days, but thought I’d share some of the days I did capture.


Easy muffins that taste so good!


Met with our friends at the beach.


Clouds can be so weird. The humidity in the summer is really bad here.


Slowly getting through this book. About a 100 pages left.


Another sky shot, because look at all those colours.


Our shopping center has this fountain by the food court, complete with statue kids playing in the water.


Not so camoflaged as you think mister. When I see stick insects, I think of A bug’s life movie.


This little gecko has been loitering around our office. I saw him in the kitchen last, I think he might have been thirsty. I put some water in the plant for him to access it.


The office christmas tree! Not many decorations to put on it, but not too bad for an office tree.


Got these (very tasty) sweeties with our year end  function.


Before all the clouds came over and it started to rain.


A very delicious salad from Nando’s. It had pumpkin seeds, feta and cranberries.


The view last night.

I think this will be my final Project 365 post, I will share whatever nice photos I take during the rest of December with my recap of the month/ year post. I got some good shots during the year, I will however not attempt this project again next year.

Mona – counting down the days till holiday



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