Final Fantasy XV Tips

My lovely husband will be guest posting on my blog and sharing 10 tips for Final Fantasy XV.

I thought I would give some tips and other little things I learnt during my 90 hours. Just some things I noticed and might help you. Don’t read if you want to discover things for yourself.

1. Weapons give stat points, even when not in use. For instance, I have my main attacking weapon, a Shield which gives 200 Vitality and a sword that gives 80 Strength. These stat bonuses apply even when not in use. My bottom slot is reserved for magic, but I have a resistance boosting weapon equipped there when not using magic.

2. Golden Tail soup ingredients can be bought from Maghoo and the market place in Lestallum. It costs about 6000 gil to make each time. It is however one of the best food items in my opinion. It makes all of your attacks do critical damage and gives you a 150% HP regen rate. I highly recommend this be used when doing post game bosses. The recipe is learnt by raising Ignis cooking level.

3. Oracle ascension coins can be traded with a man sitting in a café in Altissa. This is very easy to miss actually.


4. The best place to farm AP is in the starting area of the game. Use your beast whistle to Summon weaker enemies and warp kill them for 1 AP a piece. I found I could get about 700AP per hour doing this.

5. Diamond Bracelets are very rare, and give a handy strength boost. There is however a spawn point where they spawn constantly. It is on next to a car on the path to Steyliff dungeons. Check back after every quest and it will have spawned there. They also sell for 5000gil each.

6. Adamantoise is a tough boss to beat, but his left front claw is weaker. If you stand in-between his claws you do bonus damage. Make sure to bring a few phoenix down, when he has about a third health left he starts doing 9999 damage.

7. The Sturdy Helixhorn is the final part needed for Ultima blade. To get this there is a Hunt in Old Lestallum, hunt for Spiracorns. (I think, the picture has a horse like thing on it) During this hunt 2 bigger horses will spawn, warp attack their horns until it breaks. I killed about 30 of these things until it finally dropped, but it will drop.


8. From Chapter 3 you will have access to the duscae Area, but not the vesperpool. But If you are looking at the map, the entrance to the Vesperpool from the right is blocked off, but there is a town there. This town sells the strongest weapons money can buy (10000gil) and are very strong against Demons. This can be accessed from Chapter 3.

9. Ignis’s Enhancement technique is the best move in the game, sometimes double your damage. I recommend this be used as soon as possible in a battle. Combining this with the Golden Tail Soup can triple and sometimes quadruple your base damage dealt against some enemies.

10. While on a chocobo, you cannot listen to the MP3 player usually, but if you hold L2 while climbing on the chocobo, you can select your music as normal.

Squidbeard – husband of the Wife of a Gamer


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