Final Fantasy XV Review (PS4)

An introduction. I am the gamer, husband to Mona. I am going to be helping out with reviews related to games and giving my opinions on them. These are just my thoughts, as a Gamer for the past 21 years. It is the only thing I am really passionate about. (Besides my commitment to the marriage of course, I think)

Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, and feel free to tell me yours,

In regards to Final Fantasy, I am a major fan. The first one I played was Final Fantasy VII at about the age of 8 or 9. Since then I have been hooked. I have played every single Final Fantasy at some point, except XI and the mobile games. I will however be looking at this game without Nostalgia goggles as much as possible. With that said, let’s continue!

Final Fantasy XV… Finally after all this time. I was on leave when this game was released and played it nonstop. It took me 3 days to complete (36 hours) and 5 days (72 hours) to get the Platinum. I am going to break my review down into 5 categories and give my thoughts on each.


The game looks amazing. The visuals are stunning. The lighting in the game is probably some of the best I have ever seen. Not really much more to say here, it’s just a beautiful piece of art.


I was reading what the day one reviews were saying, and they all seemed to not like the new soundtrack. I on the other hand, really enjoy it. The addition of the older songs from previous games was a brilliant idea. The only issue was that the car drowns out the music, especially when going up a hill. Also, why not add the FFXV songs to the player as well. My three favorite songs are also missing from the game, Hymn of the Faith (FFX), Road to Zanerkand (FFX) and the song that plays when Red XIII father story is told in FFVII. I was a little sad to not have those three. The fighting sounds are also very well done and are of high quality.


The battles are fun and fast paced but do become stale during later parts of the game. Warp strike – smash –smash –smash. Rinse and repeat until enemy is dead. Exploring the world is fun, and there is plenty to do at first, but it soon dawns on you that it is mostly non important fetch quests, and it becomes a real dull drag. Go there, kill this monster, and come back. Go there, get this item, and come back. Over, and over, and over and over. It is tedious and unnecessary. But there are some high parts. The various dungeons are fun and exciting, even giving a horror vibe in some of them. There is one Dungeon in particular after you finish the main story that is extremely well designed and is one of the high points of the game. I don’t want to give too much away, but it took me 5 hours to complete. Some of the battles in this game are EPIC AF, incorporating Noctis’s ability to Teleport and giving battles a grand scale. They really are a very well done and must be experienced to understand.



It is here where the game fell apart from me. After watching Kingsglaive, and the 5 Episode Anime Brotherhood, I was hooked. I was invested. I had goosebumps during the first scenes, the Final Fantasy XV logo comes up and it makes you so excited. Then you meet up with Cindy, the busty mechanic and do some quests to impress her, because boobs. You are basically free to do whatever at this point, and with a giant world to explore, full of quests it’s awesome. They are basically kill this, or fetch this. And it gets old so you decide to do the story. Which turns out to be the exactly same type of quests for the first part of the game… What? So I push through with the story, and things are happening, but you have no idea why, or who people are, or what the heck is actually going on. It’s like there was a whole other story going on, and we just got to see the highlights. It feels as if chunks of the story are missing, simply gone, removed for reasons unknown. The game just skips from moment to moment in a blur, leaving you confused and unsure of what’s happening with little context. By the end I was perplexed. There are twists with almost no build up to them which seem out of place. In short, the story feels fragmented. I cannot explain more without giving spoilers, I was just sitting there bewildered.


The game is runs at a solid 30FPS with minimal dips. I hardly had any stuttering or blurring. The game crashed twice, and besides my ocean being purple, there were very few other issues. I had to restart a boss because we couldn’t damage each other too. Other than that it was great. It has been very well optimized.


Overall I enjoyed my time with Final Fantasy XV, and would recommend it to newcomers, and old FF Fans.

I suggest looking at it as 4 guys, travelling the world and exploring and forget about the story. The interaction between the guys is amazing, and they really feel like brothers and I admired their bond and respected them. Make the story about them and it feels like a much better game and maybe it’s what they should have focused on more.


Squidbeard – Husband to the Wife of a Gamer


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