Minimalism – Sentimental things

In the past few months I have scaled back on my earthly possessions. I have tackled my wardrobe, kitchen cabinets and those little junk drawers.

I was selling things I no longer use that just stand around and collect dust. We sold our second television set we had in the bedroom. The room actually looks bigger and I have more surface space. I sold of extra bedding sets and scatter pillows. The extra cash is a nice litte bonus, might I add.

I got to the old technology section. My little hi-fi was looking at me. I dust it off week after week without using it. It still has a tapedeck. Where the heck do you buy tapes any more?? It has been years since we have bought a CD. Everything is digital. Not even the radio was being used on this little guy.

I received this hi-fi as a gift back in my teenage years. Back when music was who you are. I remember listening to My Chemical Romance feeling all angsty and teenage-y. The little appliance held memories. Now came the difficult decision. Do I hold onto something purely for memories or sell a relic of times past? I chose the latter.

The person I am selling it to said he is buying it for his daughter as a gift. In my mind I am passing on my happy experience to a new generation. My little hi-fi will stand proudly in a new room and blast cool music and create memories for somebody new. I will keep my memories, but not the bulk that comes with it.


Getting rid of sentimental things can be difficult. We must always remember that memories you keep, regardless if you still have the item. Hold onto the memories, take pictures of the item if you think you might forget what it looked like. You are not ungrateful for selling / getting rid of gifts, as the new owner has a need for it and will use it more than you ever did. Thus fulfilling the item’s purpose.

Mona – blasting music for old times sake





  1. Ahhhhh I do miss and love the My chem angsty days haha! This is such a lovely way to look at it, being someone’s new memories to make!
    I’m awful at selling on/throwing out things arghhh I honestly keep everything! Maybe I need to borrow your mindset!


    1. Thank you for commenting.
      Getting rid of things is really quite addictive! I feel less trapped by my possessions. If you want to, start small, even if it is just one thing out of your wardrobe. Good luck!


  2. I’ve had the same discussion with some of my stuff too. In the end, I decided to get rid of things (with the exception of a few small bits that we are going to give to Kris’ mum to keep for us) but for the most part, I’m not all that sentimental so it can be sold.

    These days I try to think of other ways to remember things instead of buying something.


  3. Love this! I’ve seen a rise in talk of minimalism and although I will never go that far myself, it has helped me to get rid of things I was purely keeping just for sentimentality sake. You may have seen my DVD collection – that’s something I won’t get rid of and is excessive but I manage to balance it out by not having much clothing and stuff like that haha.

    Always nice when your stuff goes to new people who will enjoy it too 🙂



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