November things

Were heading into the final stretch of the year! Christmas music has been blaring in the shops for the past month and a half. I know, we start early.

I’m racking my brain thinking of eventful happenings this past month. I remember it was the husband’s birthday. I left work early to pick up some KFC (one of his favourite foods) and some cake from the shop. I also blew up some balloons. Loki really enjoyed those.

It was also the anniversary of when we brought Odie home for the first time (I am a dog mom, deal with it). I cannot believe we’ve had him for 4 years. On new years we would have had Loki for 2 years. When I watch the youtube compilation I’ve made with videos of them, it still makes me smile. Loki was so tiny compared to now.


I am still busy learning Swedish through Duolingo. Still on 1% fluency. I am hoping to reach a higher fluency rate before the end of the  year. I practice every night for about 5 minutes. I might kick it up a notch during my holiday.

On the reading front I am still busy with the Spud series. I am busy with book 3. I plan on watching the movies when I am done. Is there a lack of good movies out there? We watched Mrs Peregrines home for peculiar children, we were not really impressed. It seemed almost pointless. I think movies nowadays rely too much on CGI effects to sell the movie.

Speaking of movies. We watched Westworld. Dylan put the first episode on last Saturday, and we binged watch a few episodes. I didn’t think I would be into it by the name of it, but it really caught me by surprise. The last episode for the first season airs tomorrow. It’s good that they don’t stretch out a good thing. With some plot twists thrown into the later episodes, it has kept me guessing.  The soundtrack is also really good with piano versions of famous songs. I really enjoy it. It seems all is not lost in the land of movies.

I am attempting vlogmas this year and would love it if you checked it out.  #selfpromo


Mona – getting festive



  1. Urgh, a month and a half, that’s far too early. They start sneaking the Christmas goods into the shops here at around October, but it’s mostly the Sinterklaas stuff for the 15th December and a little Christmas… still it’s all too early and too festive for me haha!

    Happy Gotcha-day for Odie! Is Gotcha-day the right word… I don’t know. But it sounds like an internet term.

    I haven’t seen a good movie in ages. Although having just come back from Disneyland I feel like I want to watch some Disney movies, so I might watch some Mulan or The Emperors New Groove or something like that. I like to stick with tried and true movies that I enjoy rather than risk wasting two hours on something I don’t like.

    Oooh, vlogmas, I’m totes checking that out!


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