Project 365 – Weeks 43 – 45

I have fallen a bit behind with uploading this project. It feels like time is flying towards the end of the year. I have missed quite a few days, but still wanted to share the days I did capture. Here is a jumbo 3 week’s worth of photos.

28 October Day 302 – 3 November Day 308


Such blue skies


Strawberries and cream for dessert!


This sounds cool, right? It’s literally a flashlight on a “t-rex skeleton”. I thought it was going to at least jumpscare me.

4 November Day 309 – 10 November Day 316


This might not look as delicious, but it was. We made another batch. It was spicy peanut butter stew. Recipe is on You suck at cooking’s Youtube channel.


A quick dinner of sandwiches and salad.


More dinner photos! I suddenly enjoy eating corn with sriracha. Sliced up some cucumber just to have some green on the plate.


For Dylan’s birthday I blew up some balloons. All Loki wanted to do was play with them.

11 November Day 316 – 17 November Day 321


Some dark clouds approaching early in the morning. Our town is known for humid days during summer. It did rain later that day, and all through the weekend.


More dinner, more corn on the cob!


My somewhat sad contribution to the supermoon photos.


Dylan received quite a box of chocolates from work for his birthday last week. I am super happy he shared with me!


Saw a lone birdy on the scaffolding while waiting for Dylan.

Mona – all caught up




  1. The shot of Loki with all of those balloons is adorable! Love that final photo of the bird on the railing too, and I loved the idea of that T-Rex skull in the cage – knowing me I still would have jumped! I was and still am obsessed with dinosaurs. Love those moody looking skies moving in too in that weather shot. – Tasha


  2. I’ve missed quite a few photos this last month… oops. I’m getting back into it now though. Things have just been far too busy.

    Mmm, corn on the cob, I do love me some of that!

    Liked by 1 person

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