Youtube recommendations

Youtube is part of our everyday life. Need a tutorial on how to make that meal, watch a Youtube video. Need to see the newest music video, Youtube. Here is the channels I hit subscribe on.

First off, I don’t really watch make up tutorial as I don’t wear make up in general, so no beauty gurus.  I enjoy comedy skits, food and vloggers.

I have been on a minimalist kick and have watched loads of videos on that, but will only mention one channel that got me started. Madeleine Olivia, I have tagged her in previous post. I really enjoyed her minimalist series, which she is still adding videos to. I have seen her channel jump from 3000 to almost 7000 in about 2 months. Her channel is growing nicely. She also does vlogs.


Next up is CutiePieMarzia. Some find her voice a bit annoying, but I really enjoy her style of videos. She is very creative and she usually travel vlogs. She doesn’t talk too much on those, but usually shows the area. They travel quite a bit. She is currently in Los Angeles.


Also mentioned in my October things post, You suck at cooking. One of his videos showed up in my home feed. He doesn’t have loads of videos, so we powered through them all last Friday. This dude is funny and he can make food. We make his spicy peanut butter soup, it was delicious.


Good mythical morning. Who doesn’t watch these dudes? They are funny and do a lot of “will it?” videos. They recently hit 1000 videos. They also have a series called Buddy System on Youtube Red.  They have been best friends since primary school, and have done so many funny things on this channel. The video shown below will show some highlights.


There is a few more, like Pewdiepie (almost at 50 million?!?!), Game Theorist and Estee Lalonde. Some of these guys put so much effort into their videos. Who are you subscribed to? Any recommendations for me? There is so many good channels out there that I have yet to watch.

Mona – watch all the Youtube!




  1. Oh I love You Suck At Cooking;, my brother showed me several of his videos a while back and I was laughing so much I got cramps in my stomach! Love his style of video-making and the recipes he comes up with always look good too. Will definitely be checking out Madeleine as well as I am loving minimalism and generally cutting back on things, it’s making me feel a lot better, so that’s really helpful. Marzia’s videos always make me feel relaxed and I love Game Theorists too – I just recently started watching their other channel, the Film Theorists, brilliant! Markiplier also makes me laugh, love watching him play anything horror related, and really enjoying Beckie Jane Brown too, she’s very creative and has her own art channel and also another side channel where she discusses her condition trichotillomania which is interesting. Loved this post! – Tasha


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