Project 365 – Week 43

I really feel like the weeks are flying by as we are heading towards the end of the year. I had a relaxed week filled with reading and good food.

21 October Day 295


On to the second book!

22 October Day 296


Loki all tuckered out on the couch from being crazy and running around. Odie is of course just checking that I’m giving them equal attention.

23 October Day 297


I recently cleaned out the linen cupboards and discovered that we have quite a lot of duvet sets that we have forgotten about. This being one of them. It’s wrinkled because it’s obviously been in the cupboard too long.

24 October Day 298


Two doves talking to each other outside.

25 October Day 299


Dinner was two small quiches and a salad. It’s definitely becoming summer time.

26 October Day 300



A light afternoon snack.

27 October Day 301


Some pizza on a Thursday night, because who wants to cook when it’s  humid. I discovered the vegetarian pizza. Om nom nom.

Mona – in a happy mood



  1. On my cleaning adventure I found that we own a lot more duvet sets that I remembered, including some that didn’t even fit the current bed/duvet… They have now gone into the donations bag!


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