Project 365 – Week 42

Eating yummy avo and learning a new language. This week wasn’t too bad.

14 October Day 288


Technically this photo is from the Sunday, but since no photo was taken today, this will fill the slot. It’s a little church down by Herolds Bay. We had to do a nice drive around to recharge the car battery since somebody forgot the consol light on and ran it down completely.

15 October Day 291


Here is the avo from last week. Was my breakfast on toast. So delicious.

16 October Day 290


A little bit of rain when we got home. Actually, it was a sudden downpour and then blue skies again.

17 October Day 291


Another attempt of catching a moon shot from my front door.

18 October Day 292


The sky was that pretty blue pink  tinge again. I thought I would take from a different view than normal.

19 October Day 293


I have temporarily lost my husband to Battlefield 1. Not that it bothers me too much. I caught up with some reading.

20 October Day 294


With Dylan still playing Playstation,  I have decided to learn a new language. It could be a fun fact about me. I can speak basic Swedish. It’s also cool to see how much similarities there are in the languages.

Mona –  Hon lar sig svenska


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