Project 365 – Week 41

This week was filled with sweet treats. I am looking forward to the end of the year and my holiday. The year seems to fly by quickly when we hit October.

Treats and dog photos awaits you.

7 October Day 281


Ending the workweek off with some sweet treats at the office.

8 October Day 282


Stopped off at my parents before heading to a baby shower. This little guy posed for a photo. An old lady could no longer look after him, so  my parents took him in. He is a very pampered little mister.


9 October Day 283


Sunday and I wanted to get some more washing done. It was a nice blue sky kind of day before the clouds decided to come over.

10 October Day 284


We received some more avos from my parents. Look at the size of these things. The big one is the size of both my fists. Homegrown is the best.

11 October Day 285


Found a large bowl for the apples and avo. We also had some bananas to add. The one avo is just about ready to devour.

12 October Day 286



This is a slightly lower quality photo. Dylan was home for the day and send me this. It’s rare that we see them cuddle together.

13 October Day 287


We were at the shopping center and as we left I saw the full moon. It’s slightly blurry, but still the best moon photo I took so far.


Mona – eating avo



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