Project 365 – Week 40

I am writing this about 3 weeks after the fact. Looking back on these pictures I can see I had a good foodie week yet again. No puppies in the office,sadly.

Herewith, the pictures.

30 September  Day 274


Took a quick, way too close shot of my cocktail before enjoying it. We went out to Cactus restaurant to have their amazing platter. I now enjoy chillie poppers.

1 October Day 275

Oops, seems I missed a day. Every week. I don’t even know how this happens.

2 October Day 276


A nice salad for dinner to make you feel healthy.

3 October Day 277


What better than some chocolate and coffee to end off a day.

4 October Day 278


Some fake chicken schnitzel for dinner with spinach on the side. Yes, that is Sriracha on the chips, I love that sauce.

5 October Day 279


I am still busy with the first Spud book due to lack of reading and also that there is no chapters, it’s just written like a diary. It makes for a slightly longer read.

6 October Day 280


Up early to see these funky looking clouds.


Mona – slightly behind with this project


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