Adult checklist

I recently did a post on adulting, where I mentioned a few points on how things have changed since being a child/ teenager. I thought I would delve a bit further into this topic with a few of my experiences as an adult.


As a child you don’t get to choose the location. You mainly get posted off to the grandparents every holiday or visit the same holiday destination year after year. My first “solo” (traveled with my husband, then boyfriend) holiday was to Plettenberg Bay. We took leave for a week and drove down the Monday morning. Taking our time and stopping along the way. I felt really adult. Broadening your horizons is a must. Flying for the first time in 2015, to travel to Botswana, I cannot emphasize it any more than, you must travel. Even if you can just do it locally. Next on my travel plans is Japan!

Adopting a pet

I have had a few pets growing up, but they were family pets and not fully my responsibility. We adopted my Jack Russel, Odie, back in 2012. Since then we’ve had the addition of a mix breed, Loki in 2014. It’s kind of like having children, that you can legally leave at home when you need to nip to the shop. You have to care for them, feed them, take them to the vet for yearly injections. If you are planning for children, pets are good starters.  Remember to work out if you can afford a pet beforehand.

Your well being

This is more than just not getting ill. You have to get yourself in a positive frame of mind and keep your body healthy. You decide on meals. That means you can’t eat ice cream every dinner, and cook some veggies every once in a while. I am 27 and went for my first ever annual check up last week. (results were all good). Prevention is better than cure! If you cannot afford yearly, and you are generally healthy, every 3 years should help. Take good care of your body as you take that thing with you your whole life!


All the above mentioned will not be possible without finances. Having a stable job means you can start planing for your retirement. With that said, it all basically comes back to budgeting. Personal Capital can help you with this. You can even use them for checking your net worth. Start saving as soon as your finances allow it. Having an emergency fund is a must. You never know when you might need it. Steer clear from credit cards and retail accounts as the interest and fees all add up to money that could have been better spend.


Mona – still learning



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