5 Days without coffee?

Sunday nights are for watching Youtube videos. I stumbled upon this series from Refinery29 called 5 day challenge.  Lucy Fink does 5 day challenges in a variety of things. She even went 5 days without coffee. I though this idea was fun and since a new week was starting, why not.

She did 5 days of yoga, no sugar, zero waste. Quite interesting to see how a little change can affect your daily life. I chose the coffee because it would be the hardest, and by saying coffee, I actually mean caffeine. Which knocks out quite a lot a hot drink options.

If you are unaware, I am totally addicted to coffee. I am even doing a series called 100 cups of coffee. I have been drinking coffee since the age of 2. Before you judge the parentals for giving a child coffee (gasp), it was the weaker chicory mix blends.  Which I drank for well into my twenties before switching over to the more expensive, but totally worth it, good stuff.

I woke up Monday morning totally amped for this challenge. I had high hopes for myself. I went into the office and drank some water, since we just had regular tea or coffee on offer. Coffee time came and I kept strong, I had another glass of water. Which is probably a good side effect of this challenge.

Lunch time rolled in and I was starting to feel the lack of caffeine. Now this is probably all in the mind, but I actually had a headache. I usually finish of my lunch with a nice cup of coffee, but I had another water. I started to feel a bit not amped for this challenge.

I got home at 5 and I gave in to my addiction. I had a cup. I felt really weak and realized what an addiction this really is. I couldn’t even make a full day without caffeine. I will most definitely try to do this challenge again, with the exception of being prepared. I will blend up some smoothies and buy coconut water. Summer is basically here, which will help with not reaching for a hot beverage.


Going to have to get that addiction under control.

Would you try a challenge like this? Have you tried in the past?

Mona- totally addicted


**Feature image taken from Tumblr


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