Project 365 – Week 39

I think I can just rename this post as “The food I ate this week” and a cute puppy. I don’t even know how this happened. Either way, feast your eyes on my past weeks feasts.

23 September Day 267


We had a date night. We went to the restaurant where we had our first date. It’s a Turkish themed restaurant. Periodically a belly dancer comes and dances at the your table, which is kind of akward. The food is amazing though. I ordered the vegetarian platter.

24 September Day 268


Why hello new favourite sauce. Bought it for the first time yesterday and I have been putting this on all my food. I like that good burn.

25 September Day 269


We had a light lunch of crackers with nice toppings. It’s funny how I never ate pickles and I really enjoy them now.

26 September Day 270


I was all alone Monday night, so I attempted Jamie Oliver’s chillie vegetable recipe. It came out quite good, even if the photo does look a bit dull. Still really proud of myself.

27 September Day 271


This starter might look very bleh, but it most certainly was not. I just sliced the hotdog bun in half, put some sriracha on and grated some cheese over. Lastly I topped it with some spices and put it in the oven to melt. So easy, so good.

28 September Day 272


We generally never buy blueberries because they are so expensive, but was lucky to find marked down fresh ones. I have been enjoying them with my breakfast cereal.

29 September Day 273


So technically this was taken the day before and I didn’t have a photo for today. Why wouldn’t I share some puppy cuteness? This is my boss’ labrador puppy, Leila. She was a little bit ill and so she shouldn’t be left home alone.This resulted in a puppy in the office very interested in my lunch and me not doing so much work. She is all better now though.

Mona – all I need is puppies and food



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