100 Cups of Coffee #6+7

It’s been a while since I had coffee somewhere new for this series. We went to the restaurant we had our first date many years ago.ย The food was devine and obviously I had coffee with my meal.

We went to Kafe Serefe, a Turkish themed restaurant. They welcome you by letting you wash your hands with rose water, which makes your hands smell so good for the whole evening and also giving you a piece of Turkish delight candy. Instantly you feel like royalty.

There is also complimentary freshly made bread with a dipping sauce when the menus arrive. I ordered regular coffee and Dylan a rose flavoured milkshake. Yes, rose flavoured. I don’t know how, but it’s like you’re drinking roses.


I tried to take photos of the decor, but as there is mainly mood lighting it all came out a bit dark. Periodically a belly dancer comes out and dances by the tables. It’s slightly akward, but still an experience. I got these two blurry snaps from over Dylan’s shoulder. I was way to shy to take pictures while she was at our table.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

I always eat something new when we go to this restaurant as everything is decent sized portions and oh so good. Since I am trying to be vegetarian and haven’t tried their veggie menu yet, I ordered the platter. Dylan ordered a burger. I will just share the photos of the food as I think it speaks for itself.


Vegetarian goodness!


Not your everyday plain ‘ol burger.

I enjoyed every section of my ย meal. As always the portion size was good. We left some over in order to have some dessert, served with Turkish coffee. We ordered the Turkish tray for 2, which is a selection of the desserts on display.



Two hours later we walked out of the restaurant feeling full and happy with our dinner choices. I am happy dinner was a bit more of an experience than just a quick Nandos.

Mona – full and feeling happy



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