Summer style

Sunny days are just around the corner. Time for a wardrobe update that can easily transition from work to casual. Or more formal in my case as I dress fairly casual at work.

I was asked by Tommy John to compile a post with my summer outfits for work for both women and men. We all know men leave the shopping to us ladies, I suggest you check out Tommy John’s website for some pieces for the men in our lives. Christmas is not too far away!

I decided to focus on woman’s fashion as I tend to know a bit more on that front. So without further ado, here is my top pics for a day at office in the summer time.

Being inspired by the minimalist lifestyle, I didn’t just want to go out and purchase a bunch of clothing for one season. I watched a video by Sarah Nourse called “branding yourself“, which I found very interesting. You build your wardrobe on neutral colours, this way you can mix and match to create so many more outfits. With that in mind, I would pick out the following items for a typical work week. Keeping in mind the add one, discard one rule to keep your closet from building up again.


Going clockwise:

Plain t-shirt: Can be dressed up with a scarf or statement necklace. Available in any colour.

Chambray shirt: Can be worn over plain t-shirt or by itself. Sleeves can be rolled up when it gets hotter or kept down when the office aircon gets too much.

Three quarter sleeve: Having a pattern or stripes makes it a bit more interesting, yet still neutral enough. Can be worn by itself or with a thin jersey.

Shorts: Not short short ladies. This is an easy item to wear to work and feel comfy in. The length is appropriate for any office.

Pumps: The basic shoe that can go from season to season. They are now available in every colour and some even have bow or cut out details. I prefer to stick to the plain version.

Sandals: There are endless options out there. Lace up sandals are big right now, but for me having a dog would mean constant tying up. Choosing a neutral also means easy transition and options.

Maxi skirt: This one has some cutout detail at the front. It makes it a bit more interesting if you aren’t sporting a patterned one. It also shows off those cute sandals.

All these items are staples in the fashion world. You can buy them in any shade and can mix and match up. Adding a scarf or thin jersey means you can transform these basic items into various outfits.

Mona – hello summer!




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