September things

Another month has slipped by. We are now well on our way to the holiday season. I am looking forward to the hotter weather coming our way.  I had a really good month.

We started off our month with a day trip to Mossel Bay to catch some Pokemon. It was a fun day out. Mossel Bay is my birth town.We moved away, but returned and lived there for a few years in my early teens. It has changed a lot. Being mostly a holiday destination, there isn’t much to do during the off peak season. We caught quite a few Pokemon however as well as some sun burn.

This month marked a turning point in my general thoughts. I started embracing the minimal lifestyle and did a bit of a declutter.  I started having a positive outlook and just being more happy in general. Suddenly good things started to happen. A received a bonus at work in the middle of the month (which has never happened in the past 8 years), the work decided to get us a little medical plan and the husband even got a raise at work. It has trully  been a good month.

Along with the minimal movement, I have  been trying out a more vegetarian diet. I am opting for the veggie meals when we eat out. When I was home alone for two days, I also prepared only veggie food. Not having the husband eat vegetarian  makes it a bit more difficult, but it’s a start. Proud of myself.

I’ve been enjoying Disney playlists. I found this piano version one, which I played while sorting out my closet. I have also been watching some Disney classics. I will be doing a post once I’ve watched some more, currently I’ve seen Aladdin and 101 Dalmatians again. I was absolutely obsessed with dalmatians when I was younger.

Lastly, as I usually share a comedy show of sorts, here is this months. We watched Confirmed kills by Iliza (it’s currently available on our Netflix).

She does a whole bit on girls wanting to be mermaids. It was hilarious. There is quite a few references from her previous show, which I would also recommend. #partygoblin

Mona – had such a good month



  1. Thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment and yes your alternative route did work! Sorry about that – blogger is a bit of a pain in that respect. When I can I’ll be moving to my own domain so fingers crossed 😀 I love the Disney playlist you linked too, so pretty and I’ve been trying lots more vegetarian foods and having a big de-clutter as well – it’s quite soothing. That’s great news that you got a bonus as well, yay and going to catch Pokemon down at Mossel Bay sounds lovely. I was curious to see what the place looked like so I Google it and it looks so nice there! – Tasha


    1. I should have left a link to Mossel Bay, was thinking about that last night. It gets totally overtaken by holiday makers during the December holidays. I steer way clear during that time.
      What vegetarian meals is your go to? Trying to get more easy meals to make.

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      1. It does look lovely! Favourite vegetarian meal at the moment is very, very basic but I really like cauliflower cheese at this time of year, haha! It’s just comforting. I’m always in the lookout for new recipes though, so if I come across some better / more imaginative ones, I’ll let you know! 🙂

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  2. I always forget that you are moving into summertime! It’ll be nice to live vicariously through your summer whilst it’s cold and wet here in Belgium.

    Yay for bonuses! That’s just awesome!

    I’m happy to hear that you’re feeling happier! It’s a really awesome thing, to know you feel happier rather than just being happy in the moment, if that makes sense. I’m with you on the decluttering, I’m having a lot of fun doing it, but I’m excited for it to be over and to have all the space in my house. I feel like I have more room in my life because I have less stuff. Plus you don’t have to make as many decisions or clean as much when you have less stuff!


    1. I will be sure to post some blue skies shots for you folks.
      Your explanation of the happy totally makes sense 🙂
      I want to do a final sweep and deep clean, leaving that for the holidays. Then I have all the time.


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