Project 365 – Week 38

This week the decluttering bug bit me and I just sorted through most of the house to get rid of things. It feels good to lessen the load. On with the photos.

16 September Day 260


Spent Friday night not doing much. Here is my little boy, actually posing. He became such a handsome dog.

17 September Day 261


Today in my mission to go more minimalist, I tackled the kitchen. I got rid of quite a few things. So proud of myself.

18 September Day 262

I took a photo of the full moon. I would share the photo, but it’s just not good quality. My camera (and skills) is just not good enough.

19 September Day 263


Mandatory weekly sky shot. It’s so bare now without all the trees. The evening sky had a nice purple tinge to it.

20 September Day 264


I prepared my lunch for the next day. I tried to make it presentable for the photo. It was chickpeas, spinach and cous cous.

21 September Day 265

No photo again. Bad Mona.

22 September Day 266


Dinner was pretty looking. Yes, it is suppose to look like a flower.

Mona – going minimalist



  1. Love the purple tinge in that sky, such a pretty shot! I’ve been doing the minimalist thing too, sorting through all of my things and it feels good to be clearing out things! Love the shot of your dog as well, so cute! – Tasha

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  2. Loki is such a cutie!! I love his ears!

    Mmm, that lunch sounds good, I might have to have that this week, since I have about a kilo of chickpeas frozen in my freezer that need to be eaten…

    Good luck on your minimalist journey! We should compare notes haha!


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