Project 365 – Week 37

For some reason I skip a week and then post two weeks in one day. Nonetheless, life is so good right now. I am slowly transitioning into a more minimalistic life (and doing post about it along the way). More on that later. See my week in photos., or the days I managed to capture.

9 September Day 253


I checked my phone and camera, apparently this is the only “photo” I took for the day. On a side note, was so proud of catching this little guy.

10 September Day 254


I try to stop and take pictures of flowers when I see them.

11 September Day 255


Some Sunday  morning baking. Savoury muffins with spinach and bacon. Was a delicious brunch.

12 September Day 256


I missed taking a photo today. Here is a photo taken the previous week on our trip to Mosselbay.

13 September Day 257


Home made pizza. Isn’t that the best kind? Always featuring spinach.

14 September Day 258

Sadly I missed another day. Why?? No filler photo though.

15 September Day 259


Any TinTin fans? We went to a restaurant and they were selling Tintin things for some reason.

Mona – eating good, as always



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