Going Braless?

What is the best part about getting home (besides not being at work)? Taking off the bra and getting in to your pajamas. What if you can feel this way the whole day?

I never really thought about going to work without a bra. It was always just something you have to wear. Then I read a Buzzfeed article where one girl went braless for a whole workweek. On to Youtube I went and I saw a video of another woman going braless. I thought, why not me?

The Monday morning after that I was getting dressed all confidently without a bra, then I caught sight of my boobs and thought, you can totally see I am not wearing one. So I took off the shirt and sweater and sadly put the bra on. Thinking that I lost a battle somehow.

Next day I tried a different sweater shirt. You could totally not tell that I was braless. Hooray! I went my first day without a bra at work. I had however quickly run across the road and felt like I was totally flopping around. That was not so cool. Otherwise I felt like a total rebel. Stepping out from the norm.

I have not gone without a bra every day, some outfits just wont allow it. I have chosen the days with the most layers to do this. I think going in to summer I will get myself some sports bras or bralettes. One, summer = more sweat. I don’t want to feel sweaty under my boobs. Two, I will probably be wearing a thin shirt. Nobody want to see nipple stand at work. That’s just wrong.

My overall experience from my few braless days: I feel more confident with my boobs. I also think my posture has improved. No bra to help if you don’t stand up proper! No scratchy material bothering me THE WHOLE DAY (my prettier bras were just not nice to me).

National no bra day is coming up on 13 October. Try it out and see how free you feel. If you don’t like it, your trusty cups will always be waiting for you.

Mona – #freeboobing



  1. Bra leas definitely feels better but quicker than most people think boobs start to sag dramatically without a bra. This is the main reason i dont, i wish i could say i dont care if they sag, but honestly i do.

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    1. This is not necessarily true. Your boobs will sag, with or without a bra. (Read here: http://news.health.com/2014/11/21/what-causes-breasts-to-sag/ ) The bra just gives you the impression that they haven’t. Of course you don’t have to go completely braless. You can wear a sport bra to keep them tighter up. It’s just more natural than a underwire, padded bra.
      I am sure there will be research to counter this and say wearing a bra is the way to go, I just think natural is better. To each his own 🙂

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      1. Your boobs will sag with age but will sag even more without support because the elasticity of coopers ligaments fades with the force of gravity and age. Its the degree and speed at which they sag that is affected by a bra. One must weight the pros and cons for themselves.


        1. I do not want to argue with you, but this is not true. I have gone to various sites and all of them stated that wearing a bra does nothing to prevent sagging. I googled the health benefits of wearing a bra and the very first result confirmed that it had none. If you have bigger breasts, sure, it can be uncomfortable and wearing a bra is needed. As for the average size, it makes no difference. Here is the scientific test done over many years confirming this with their preliminary results http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/no-bra-day-special-are-bras-bad-you/


    1. Confidence comes with time! I will start wearing a sport bra to work, don’t want to jiggle all over the place! I just can’t stand this underwire. It’s like once you start noticing it, you can’t stop thinking about it.


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