Navigating being an adult is not easy, you have responsibilities and people expect things from you. Here are a few things I learned in my years of being an adult (even though I don’t feel like one).



Is there ever enough? While we life a good life, we are unable to save up for our old age. We made the decision to pay up all our retail accounts and live debt free by the end of 2016. It is September now and despite a few bumps in the road we have been making good progress. As a child I never really thought of paying bills first and then trying to enjoy life with what is left. My advice, is the obvious, start saving as soon as you can. Enjoy life but be smart with your money.

Free time

I am lucky to not work retail hours and have weekends for myself. It still doesn’t feel like a lot. We wish our weeks away to have those two days all to ourselves. I sometimes feel guilty if I don’t go out and do something other than watching series. My sage wisdom: Planning trips and activities (and actually doing them) makes your weekend feel way longer.


I’ve never been fashionable. I see trends come and go. I rarely buy into them. Remember it’s just a fad. Forking money out to be cool for 2 weeks is really not worth it. Rather invest in quality, versatile pieces that will last a few seasons. Wow, I sound like an adult.

House work

Chores! Does the washing basket even have a bottom?! Who knows? This is certainly something that will have no end. I can sweep and dust today, come tomorrow I see dust. I enjoy doing a deep clean once a year. Then I literally wash the walls and cupboards. That clean smell is nice, pity it doesn’t last long. As long as the house is tidy, I am not too fussed about a little bit of dust. We are human, not Roombas. Tidy as you go and the house will always be somewhat presentable. On a side note, going minimalist is really helping with this.

What have you noticed in your adult life that you never thought about as a teen?

Mona – adulting hard


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