Going minimalist

The newest trend out there is getting rid of what you have in excess and living a life free of the burden of belongings.

I would say my journey (can I be this cliche?) began at the beginning of the year when I was sorting through my wardrobe and getting rid of clothes I haven’t been wearing.


The first round way back in January

Throughout the year I kept feeling like I have to reduce my things more and more. It started with getting rid of books and random things here and there. Then I heard of the Life-changing magic of tidying up by Mari Kondo. One of the Youtubers I regularly watch read it, and she said that it changed her life. I soon forget about this and continued life as normal.

One night I was busy watching Youtube videos and came across a video showing how this girl went minimalist. Down the rabbit hole I went. I watched a lot of videos and Mari Kondo’s name did pop up, but nobody could be as extreme as her, but everybody was able to draw some inspiration from this book.

From that night I have been actively shifting my mind into “clearing and getting rid of things” mode. I am not following the KonMari rule of what must be done first, but instead just striking areas and throwing out what I do not need or use anymore.

I started small. I tidied up my desk at work. Checked that all the pens work and cleaned out the stationary holder. Seeing things tidy is satisfying.

Today I went through the kitchen cupboards and got rid of an alarming number of things. Things I don’t use or had doubles of. It is crazy to see how much things just pile up. There was even more things than shown on the photo. We go out and buy more storage because we think that is the solution, while we should be lessening our things. I did give away all the things and it will be distributed to people who need them. That made me feel good and wanting to go through more things and just purge.


My kitchen is now free of all this

I came across this girls minimalist series and it really got me jump started. She took it area by area and threw out what she didn’t need. I really like how her kitchen turned out with all the jars.


I am going to keep going at it. I feel less burdened somehow. Things control us if we can’t let go of them. I hope you can also find some inspiration to tidy and minimalize your belongings.

Mona – feeing inspired



  1. I’m going through a similar thing. At the beginning of the year I cleaned out my wardrobe and donated all the things I didn’t wear/were too small etc and it was so so satisfying. I have been meaning to do the rest of the house for the whole year. I’m going to get cracking on it these next two weeks! I can’t wait!

    I love having no stuff, it’s so much more satisfying than having lots of it.


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