Project 365 – Week 36

Sweet treats and day trips. This was a good week.

2 September Day 246


Treat time at work! This was really delicious. The slice was so big I had half at tea time and the other half for lunch. I’m definitely getting one of these again.

3 September Day 247


We drove around to collect some Poke balls before our trip tomorrow. It was a rainy day so we couldn’t walk.

4 September Day 248


We went to Mosselbay to catch some Pokemon (a very successful day). Atop this cave is the lighthouse.

5 September Day 249


I have been going on about Spring arriving (even though this was a cloudy day). Here is another tree getting new leaves. This makes me happy as I need a nice shady tree for my car during the day.

6 September Day 250


We went food shopping and I decided to try out these chips. They were good, but a bit pricey. I will probably not buy them again. Why is the healthier things so much more expensive?

7 September Day 251


The sky was beautiful this morning. You might start to notice less trees in my front garden sky shots, as the neighbours are trimming them down for some unknown reason.

8 September Day 252


Started with this book. What a scene change. The last few books were crime and adult, while this one is a boy started high school diary and experiences. Written by a South African writer, wanted to read it for a few years now.

Mona – reading and happy



  1. What a gorgeous sky! I’ve been lacking in the sky shots lately. A trip to the lighthouse sounds like a lot of fun! That’s definitely my kind of thing.

    Interested to see what you think about your next read!


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