Project 365 – Week 35

Spring has sprung! I can hear the birds chattering in the trees and sunny days are here. I feel like Spring cleaning and throwing out all the extra things we don’t need. Before I do that, here is my week in photos.

26 August Day 239


There is actually two birds in this photo. They were over the wall in the neighbours tree, so I had to zoom in. Loki was barking at their chattering, which they did not appreciate.

27 August Day 240


I wish I could take a photo of my dinner and have it look as good as it tastes!

28 August Day 241

No photo today, sorry! 😦

29 August Day 242


Another food photo, because while I am at work, I think about dinner. This was a slightly healthier dinner, and since it was a hot day, salads is just the way to go.

30 August Day 243


I noticed our little thorn tree outside is getting new leaves, a sure sign that Spring is on it’s way.

31 August Day 244


Reading in the car, while waiting for Dylan to finish work. This book wasn’t bad. It had a twist ending, which I enjoy. Now I want to see how the movie depicts this.

1 September Day 245


Lastly, I have my two boys. They were laying together so sweetly, but when I got they camera out, the shifted apart so there can be no photographic evidence.

Mona – sunshine and salads



  1. I’m interesting to see if I enjoy the Girl on the Train movie more than the book. I thought the book was OK, but I really didn’t get the hype around it though.

    What’s next on the to be read?!


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