Cape Town – Day 3-5

“After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting yourself, as to see all the other fellows busy working.”
Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Want to catch up on the first part? > Day 1 + 2

First stop on our 3rd day was a chocolate tour at Cocao fair in the Woodstock area. There we were able to see the whole process of chocolate making. From the cocoa bean, right to the chocolate bar. With free samples of course. I was amazed at how this small factory could produce such large amounts of chocolate goodness. At the end of the tour we were treated with hot chocolate made with real chocolate. It went down really well.


Chocolate on tap, running next to him!

We weren’t too sure what we wanted to do for the rest of the day. We drove around for a bit, just looking at the scenery. We ended up heading the Simon’s town, which is home to South Africa’s navy. We walked around and saw the statue of the dog who was enlisted in the Royal Navy. We found a place to have some lunch and the restaurant staff decided to entertain the crowd by singing for us while we were eating.


We headed back to the flat to relax a bit. Our travel companions were meeting up with family in the area. We decided to head out to the Casino for a buffet meal with our friends living in one of the nearby town. Our cellphones basically all died on the way there and without GPS the roads are a nightmare. After stopping and asking for directions we finally found the casino and by that time have build up quite an appetite. After dinner we played some games at the arcade area and saw that they have laser tag. Having never played before and seeing Barney on HIMYM always go on about it, we had to try it. We had the whole arena to just us 4, and it was loads of fun. We ran around on a double layer map with so many twist and turns to hide and ambush the other players. The music added to the experience  with upbeat dubstep blasting while you run around in the dark.

After that we were pretty knackered and headed home. Which was also a bit of a mission without the GPS, but we managed to find it. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Who knew holidays could be so active?

Saturday morning our friends collected us and we headed to Truth Coffee, which was one of my must see places (read my blog post here). I was amazed at the awesome decor. The placed was packed for a Saturday morning, which goes to show how popular they are. We raved about our laser tag experience from the night before and convinced our friends to go there too.


Off the laser tag we went again, this time with GPS which made the trip so quick. Unfortunately the lady at the counter put us in two teams instead of free for all. Which confused us at the start shooting each other and not getting a reaction. Eventually we figured it out and went after the other two. It was fun the second time, but wish we weren’t put in teams. Afterwards we headed to our friends accommodation the decide what we want to do the rest of the afternoon.

After deliberating, walking to the nearby pub only to find it closed on a Saturday afternoon (how weird) and walking back, did we call an Uber to another pub. Our first Uber ride! Wish our town had Uber, so cheap and easy. We had drinks and lunch at the pub, before heading to another pub, with and Uber of course! We hit lucky hour and ordered some Margarita jugs to share. We had many laughs, was a good night.

Our last day arrived. We packed up and tidied our room before heading out for breakfast. Our friends flight was earlier than ours, so we headed to the airport to check in. We walked around to kill time and had some drinks. I drank a Match latte, my goodness, I felt super healthy. Finally we were ready to board, bringing our holiday to an end.

One short flight later we were home. Thank you very much to our friends for their hospitality and making this holiday a possibility. We had fun, had a lot of first and made some memories. Thank you Cape Town, you were great (even though we had to pay for parking everywhere)!

Mona – planning the next holiday




  1. Did you get a sample praline? It’s a long running joke between Kris and I that every single chocolate tour ends with a demonstration and a free praline!

    I’ve never been to laser tag, it was going to be a work team building activity, but I didn’t go because I hate team building activities haha.


    1. No pralines, haha. We got some cranberry chocolately things and then just broken pieces of the slabs of chocolate. We got another caramel tasting chocolate, which was so good. I actually feel like ordering some of their products online now.
      Also not to keen on team building with people I don’t hang out with socially. I want to shoot them with the laser and yell some random game/ tv series related line and not be looked at funny afterwards.


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