August things

The last of the “slow” months. To me it always feels like the year slows down after February, till about August. After that it just speeds on to December and the holidays. 

This month was another one spend not doing too much. I was browsing on Youtube and I saw this trailer:

I thought it was so hilarious, so we found a streaming site and watched it. This mockumentary had me in stitches. The plot is basically that men are going extinct as women are getting pregnant without men. The remaining men get put in “sanctuaries” to live out their days. The movie is shown as a documentary, with interviews with people, making it all the more funny.

August we also got to vote in the municipal elections. The Democratic party gained some impressive ground all over the country. Here’s hoping they can get the country back on track.

This month I was also binge watching Drop dead diva. I never watched it before, but am quite enjoying it. I am currently on season 4, and it only ran to 6 seasons. Which means I don’t have too much to go as there is only about 13 episodes per season. Did anybody else watch this show?

Besides all the television watching, I also finished reading the Millennium series. I really enjoyed it. The last book tied in the whole story nicely. The only part I found “eye rolling” was that Michael gets all the girls. Like, come on! All the diverse female characters in the book all fell for this one man? Pffft, yea right. Other than that, good story. It is scary to think how easily the government can hide things. I am now busy with The Girl on the train, which is going quite fast. It’s going to be a quick(ish) read.  My friend also brought me the Spud books. It’s written by a South African author, so I thought I would give it a go.

The last Friday of August we went over to a friends house to play some board games. I feel our generation doesn’t really play board games anymore. We still enjoy it, and was happy to be invited. The first game was so difficult (Warhammer Forbidden Stars), we tried watching some YT tutorials, but could still not hack it. Two hours later we gave up and started with the Walking dead board game. What fun! You have to work as a team to win this game, but it is very difficult.  We did not win, the undead got us. After two rounds we called it a night. On a side note, I have never watched the show. I am a total wuss. Anybody else enjoy board games?



Mona – Spring is in the air




  1. That mockumentary sounds pretty hilarious!

    Oh yeah, Michael is weird, I don’t understand why all the women fall in love (and bed) with him… That’s probably the most ridiculous bit about the whole book. Unless there’s something we don’t know about Swedish men!

    I haven’t played a board game in years! Kris would always want to play monopoly and I just never liked it. I’m more of a watcher than a player 🙂


    1. I prefer the more “exciting” board games, if that is even a thing. haha. Just rolling the dice and moving is a bit meh. I really enjoy 30 seconds and trivial pursuit, since I have all this general knowledge.


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