Project 365 – Week 34

19 August – Day 232


Discovered these bad boys this week. I am in love. I love cookies in general, but these might have just made the top 5. Just really sad that it is so pricey here.

20 August – Day 233


Saturday night dinner was delicious. We haven’t had a potato bake in while, or spinach either for that matter. Although, this was so much, I only got about half way through.

21 August – Day 234


My parents garden always has the prettiest flowers.

22 August – Day 235


More flowers from yesterday because I missed a photo. It’s still pretty though.

23 August – Day 236


So close to finishing this book! I must just find more time to read.

24 August – Day 237


My car hit 87 000 as we got home. Kind of sad, don’t want it to hit 100 000, but that is still quite a way off considering I have only done about 20 000 in the past 5 years.

25 August – Day 238


Every year our shopping center has a wedding expo to give brides some inspiration and also get in contact with vendors. This (slightly blurry) arch was pretty cool.

Mona – posting on time for a change




  1. I’ve heard that Tim Tam’s are very good! We don’t get them here in the UK, or at least I don’t think we do, but if I ever spot them I’ll have to try them out. I love the flowers in your parents garden too – so pretty! – Tasha


  2. I haven’t made mash potatoes in such a long time! Hmm, I kind of feel like making a cottage pie of some kind for tea after seeing all that mash! I’m going to look into what ingredients I’ve got lying around!


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