Cape Town – Day 1 +2

Finally getting round to posting about my holiday back in June.  I experienced so many new things. I was truly lucky to have been able to go on this holiday. Be warned that this might be a bit of a blabby post as I recap the firsts and the fun parts.


First off, we woke up earlier than on a normal workday to get ready and get to the airport for our short flight. We checked in and went to the viewing area for some coffee before we board. We had an enjoyable flight that lasted all of about 30 minutes.

After meeting up with our friends, we headed straight to our destination, Old Mac Daddy’s,  for our first night. Before check in, we utilized our day pass and started with the activities on offer. We took a short bike ride to the warm farm nearby for a wine tasting. I haven’t been on a bicycle for almost 15 years, this was a little scary for me. I “mastered” the art again and it was quite fun.



After wine tasting we checked in and had a little lunch before heading out for our next activity of archery. I really enjoyed this. My first time ever trying archery. I had beginners luck, but did not do too great as the rounds continued. Next up was Zorbing. Another first for me. As it is winter here, not the exact ideal time for the water zorbing, but we could not pass up this offer. We took turns going out on the water, trying to stand up inside the ball. Had so much laughs. We headed to our rooms after that and had some wine on the balcony before going for dinner.

Day 2, we had another early-ish start. We had a buffet breakfast before heading back into Cape Town.  We went to the Two Oceans Aquarium and saw some marine life. We were lucky enough to see the feeding of the penguins as well as the diver going down into the massive tanks to feed the turtles and sting rays. We then went onto the big wheel and took in the amazing views. We then got on a harbour tour and listened to the audio guide teaching us a bit about the history. Next we headed to Canal Walk to check out the shops. We grabbed a light lunch of Subway and Cinnabon. Also my first time eating those things. Was so delicious. I could do with Cinnabon in my life.



We wound down the day by locating our accommodation for the remainder of the holiday and relaxing. I was tired after two busy days and fell asleep easily.

Mona – holiday mode

See my YT video here >> Cape Town




  1. Looks and sounds like you had a lovely time while you were away! Zorbing has always fascinated me and it’s something I so desperately want to try – I bet the added element of the water was great fun too! Love the shots of the penguins you took at the aquarium, they’re so cute! – Tasha


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