Project 365 – Week 33

I think the weather might be starting to change again slowly. I do love Spring and all that feeling of “fresh and new” it brings.

Here is my week in photos.

12 August – Day 225


The weather is definitely changing if I can go outside early and see the sun beginning to rise. Bring on warmer weather!

13 August – Day 226


His favourite spot. Right next to me. Is he not the cutest little stalker?

14 August  – Day 227


Some very yummy homemade burgers. The only thing missing was pickles, which I never ate in the past, but recently discovered to enjoy. Funny how we change our mind about food over time.

15 August – Day 228


What’s better than relaxing after dinner with some chocolate and Netflix? This chocolate launched by us this month. I really like the taste. It says made in Ireland, if you guys get it there?

16 August – Day 229


Feet up, hair down. I get into my pajama pants as soon as I get home. It is just the comfiest pants ever.

17 August – Day 230


Watching Futurama again. It is my favourite show. I have watched it so many times.

18 August – Day 231


I really like this shot. The sun just breaking through the clouds. There was a vague rainbow behind me.

Mona – looking forward to Spring!



  1. Love that first shot of the sky – those colours are so pretty! I adore Futurama, it’s definitely one of my favourites and one of those shows I can just watch over and over again, it still makes me laugh out loud – especially Bender! – Tasha


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