Project 365 – Week 32

There is but 20 weeks left of this year. I cannot believe it. Soon some stores will be putting up their xmas decorations, since they are always super early. Here is my week in photos.

5 August – Day 218


I checked my photos, and all I could find that I snapped on the 5th was the simcard Dylan thought he had lost. Not being such a cool photo, I opted for this one I took the next day. I like the ivy fencing. On a side note, the building isn’t scew, it’s just the angle.

6 August – Day 219


While we were Poke-hunting, we went to the botanical gardens. I saw Mr Mallard there. I did a post on our trip which you can read here, including more photos.

7 August – Day 220


Mr Kitty lives at the beach. Mr Kitty doesn’t always look this grumpy.

8 August  – Day 221


Technically this was taken last week, but wasn’t used. Since I skipped this day, here you go. I did buy The Girl on the train, I have not started reading it yet. Still love this little second hand bookstore.

9 August – Day 222


A quick visit to the bar to catch up with a friend. Never been to this place before, but I saw they have a woodfire pizza oven. We will definitely return when the restaurant section is open.

10 August – Day 223


Coffee! Because why not? I drink way too much of the stuff.

11 August – Day 224


I barely fits, but I sits. The sad face is because he was asleep prior to me taking the photo.

Mona – missing so many days



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